Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment

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Primary Focus
The protection and sustainable use of the Arctic marine environment


Chair 2021-2023

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About PAME

PAME addresses marine policy measures in response to environmental change from both land and sea-based activities. PAME develops and coordinates strategic plans, programs, assessments and guidelines, complementing existing legal arrangements aimed at protection of the Arctic marine environment.

PAME’s projects largely operate within the following themes:

  • Arctic Shipping
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Resource Exploration and Development
  • Ecosystem Approach to Management
  • Arctic Marine Pollution

PAME’s Chairmanship rotates between Arctic Council Member States. Arctic States and Permanent Participants participate in the work, and Observers are invited to participate at PAME meetings.

Katrine Nissen
PAME Chair

Elizabeth McLanahan

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Office of International Affairs

Soffia Gudmundsdottir

Executive Secretary
PAME Secretariat
+354 461 1355
+354 863 8576

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PAME news

Arctic Shipping Update: 37% Increase in Ships in the Arctic Over 10 Years

The Arctic Council Working Group on the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) published an update of 10-year trends in Arctic shipping, utilizing its Arctic ...
31 Jan 2024

New Report Released on Flag States of Ships in the Arctic

The Arctic Council’s Working Group on the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) issued its fourth Arctic Shipping Status Report – Flag States of Ships in the...
19 Dec 2023

Northernmost “Plastic in a Bottle” launched to gain insight on Arctic plastic pollution

Launched at 84 degrees north, the capsule will enable the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment to track how plastics travel in and out of Arctic waters
14 Nov 2023
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25 Mar 2024
Fire in focus - How the Arctic Council addresses wildland fires Arctic Science Summit Week, Edinburg, Scotland, UK
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